Differently Delicious Cleveland Gaming Classic Recap

Differently Delicious Cleveland Gaming Classic Recap


First off, we would like to thank all the people that made the Cleveland Gaming Classic such a success for everyone at Differently Delicious. You all made us feel like a part of your group so easily. Thanks to Al over at the IX center for your help this weekend. Of course a thank you to Evan, Bob, & Annie, our booth buddies for the show as well. 

We got to meet a ton of incredible people that lit up that nostalgia for us here. The guys from Mortal Kombat, Daniel, Carlos, and Rich, were great. 

Getting a video shoutout from the great Tim Kitzrow of NBA JAM and NFL BLITZ fame was definitely a cherry on top; some of my favorites growing up. 

For those of you that stopped by to try or even make a purchase from our booth, we truly thank you. These past few months have been a whirlwind and we could not continue without your support. 


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